Be among a few to display this raw moment in your home

Order this special edition print with an Italian hand-made wood frame and a double matte and signed by Lance. 

Only 30 available for $1,186.64 each. 

This unique capture of a coyote hunting a mouse in the winter fields of Banff, British Columbia is bound to be a conversation starter in your home. 

With neutral tones of the image paired with a charcoal wood frame, it goes well with almost any decor. 

We are selling only 30 of this framed print, with a finished size of 36 X 24. As soon as we reach that mark, these will no longer be available. Each print will come with a label certifying its number in the print edition as well as Lance's signature. 

Order now to get your print. 


You can also choose to pair your coyote piece with Lancescapes' dual elk photo. Get the coyote and elk framed in the same hand made Italian frame and matte to match. 

These impressive animals will make a stunning impression in your home for years to come. 

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