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Lancescapes Photography is a husband and wife, who love capturing the outdoors through landscape photography and sharing it with others who appreciate it as much as they do. 



Lance Beck was born and raised in northern Idaho, where the backcountry is at your doorstep. When not working, he spends much of his time exploring the amazing landscapes of the Northwest. 

Lancescapes Photography evolved from spending many summers backpacking in the mountains of Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Canada. It started as a way to document his many backpacking adventures and has grown into a broader expression of how he sees creation.

Lance Beck of Lancescapes Photography
Alli Beck of Lancescapes Photography


Marketing Director/Owner

Alli is a Montana native who started her career in journalism. She eventually pivoted to marketing, more specifically website design, writing and branding. She's always had a passion for the outdoors, and loves spending time there with her favorite photographer and their daughter.

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